Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Walk Which Way?

Life is an endless road, with many paths to take. Some good and some bad. You must be familiar with the phrase, whenever one door closes another opens. Everyone has a choice as to where they want to go in life. Your college experience is just one door and when you choose to enroll, there are many more doors opening. Then you have to choose your a major, followed by an internship, following graduation you must choose what you really want to do with life.

Nevertheless, your life is always within your own hands. The choices that you make now can affect every door that will open for you way on down the road. How do you know your making the right choice? How do you know that your not wasting your preciously endowed time upon Earth? These are simply speculative questions and everyone has their own answer. My answer, is simply cause it feels right, and that it makes you happy. Everyone has their pitfalls, but a door may open only for a short time. A choice must be made, whether you have time to think or split seconds to make up your mind. Every choice must be taken with the same amount of precaution.

So which way are you going to walk? That's up to you. No ones experience in life is exactly the same, there are trillions of variables that affect each day, each and every breathe that you take. For example, take a look at the political unrest that has been sweeping through northern Africa: Egypt, Tunisia, especially Libya. Each individual has to make up their mind, for their future rests within their hands. No one is guiding you and no one will make the choices for you. Only you are in control of your destiny and only you have the power to forge your own way in this universe.

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